Unit 2: A Photographic Manifesto

Final Outcomes

Tags: experiments, LCC, outcome, photographic manifesto, unit 2

Experimental outcomes developed and created during Unit 2: A Photographic Manifesto.

Task 1 - Three Pages 1

Code and Images

Cybersex 1.jpg Cybersex 2.jpg Cybersex 3a.jpg Cybersex 4.jpg

My outcomes for superimposing the codes and quotes on top of the image, placing emphasis on the masks and personas that people would put up when engaged in Cybersex.

Task 1 - Three Pages 2

Layout [Final]

Page 1 [F].jpg Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 7.46.51 PM.png Page 3 [F].jpg

Final Layout for the Three Pages.

Alia Zapparova response

Download AZ response.mov [3.49MB]

A response to Alia Zapparova's work Days/Light

Daidō Moriyama Initial Responses

IMG_2387.jpg IMG_2427.jpg IMG_2395.jpg IMG_2430 copy.jpg

Images which I did not find very successful as they do not seem to be able to evoke a sense of Wabi-Sabi.

IMG_2401.jpg IMG_2472.jpg

Images which I found slightly more successful as the lowered contrast and sense of movement seems to add a sense of impermanence, which can be derived from Wabi-Sabi.